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Primrose Eye & Lip Rejuvenator
A specialised eye and lip treatment designed to smooth out fine lines, strengthen elasticity and decrease the appearance of discolouration to the delicate skin around those areas. Primrose known for its brightening effects and chamomile to calm is perfect for this rejuvenation. Results are instant firming and a youthful glow.

Wild Lime Blossom & Orange Head Massage
A zesty aromatic scalp and neck massage that is perfect for jet lag and fatigue. Jojoba oils are blended with lime blossom and sweet orange. A warm blend of essential oils is vigorously applied to the scalp to nourish the hair and relieve tension.

Vanilla & Maple Butter Body Massage
Allow yourself to be cocooned in gentle warmth while receiving a soul satisfying vanilla and maple massage as the products deeply penetrate into skin leaving it oh so divine.

Bamboo & Lemongrass Body Buff
Bamboo grains combined with essences of lemongrass are blended to make this exfoilating scrub effective in sloughing away flaky skin on body, hands and feet. Hydration is replenished with bamboo lemongrass moisturising body lotion. Make your body glow with radiance.

Lemon Coffee Invigorator
Begin with an invigorating lemon coffee scrub to remove dead skin cells. Then massage with coffee oil to promote circulation and detoxification. The lemon coffee combination will leave you feeling revived.

Apple Cider & Crystal Hand & Foot Treat
Pamper your hands and feet with our one of a kind treatment containing yummy apple ingredients and sea crystals. Our Warming Apple Paraffin Wax gently repairs and conditions the skin. Cuticles and nails are restored to perfection with a gentle file, cuticle treatment and an application of soothing apple cream.

Lime & Coconut Body Mask & Head Massage
Rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin from head to toe with our exquisite body mask and wrap. Rebalance with a scalp and a full body massage with ultra-nourishing body creme containing coconut oil extracts.

Egyptian Milk & Honey Cocoon
Pamper yourself like the famous Egyptian Queen. A honey and lime body scrub will increase the skins vibrancy and stimuate circulation. You will be wrapped in a warm manuka honey body butter cocoon whilst receiving a honey, almond and vanilla scalp massage, Finally a lavish full body massage with warm lavendar renews the skins elasticity, leaving it velvety smooth and you completely relaxed.

Primrose Eye & Lip Rejuvenator£20
Wild Blossom & Orange Head Massage£30
Vanilla & Maple Butter Body Massage£30
Bamboo & Lemongrass Body Buff£40
Lemon Coffee Invigorator£40
Apple Cider & Crystal Hand & Foot Treat£45
Lime & Coconut Body Mask & Head Massage£60
Egyptian Milk & Honey Cocoon£85



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